Last weekend, I found out that a friend of someone close to me had a stroke. This woman is somewhere in her mid-40’s with 2 beautiful daughters. We went to visit her in the hospital and were shocked to see her partially paralyzed with slurred speech. She’s a pretty spunky lady, so we expect she’ll recover, and we hope she’ll adjust her lifestyle to prevent future problems.

As we left, I stood in the lobby of the ICU and just observed everything happening. Plenty of people got wheeled by, unconscious, with tubes and machines, and nurses dressed all in blue carting them off somewhere. Not only the patients, but also the visitors of various patients, appeared quite overweight. At that very moment, I felt intensely blessed for my health, and blessed that the people I love are in generally great health too. If we could all just take better care of ourselves on a day to day basis, we could prevent so many illnesses.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to have my mother in the hospital from a stroke, especially if I had to go through that as a woman entering my 20’s. It would be devastating. Thank God my parents are both well. I’m sending my prayers for this other mom’s speedy recovery.