Oriental Skin Polishing Pore Refresher
Macrobiotics Today by Ilanit Tof


? ¼ – ½ cup raw adzuki beans
? 1 clean strong coffee bean grinder


? Grind 1- 2 tablespoons of raw adzuki beans at a time
? If the grinder has a pulse mechanism you may like to use this
? Wait 20 – 30 seconds before opening lid to allow to settle and prevent a face-full of adzuki bean powder dust
? Place powder in an airtight glass jar
? Transfer several tablespoons into a small plastic container with a good seal for use in the bathroom/shower


• use chickpeas for a more moistening mix

Usage Suggestions

• mix with water to a paste after cleansing face
• use as a scrub and rinse off immediately (good for daily – 3 times a week use)
• or allow to remain on face until it dries and rinse off in the shower (use once a week and follow with a few drops of pure jojoba or rosehip oil on damp skin or leave skin bare overnight to rejuvenate and cleanse)
• can be used as a whole body scrub

All About Adzuki Beans

? Revered as an indispensable beauty aid both internally and externally in the Orient
? Powerfully rejuvenate the kidneys and heart when eaten or made into a kidney tonifying tea
? The bean’s astringent action is heightened in the raw state which is utilised in this pore refining treatment that will beat expensive lotions and potions hands down!