Sometimes people ask about how many times you should chew your food, especially when you’re dining with others… The following information comes from Chewing Made Easy: 42 Benefits, Tips, and Techniques by Alex and Gale Jack

1. Basic Situation in the home, office, restaurant, in conversation = 25-50 chews per mouthful
2. Party in a restaurant, club, stadium, with loud noise = 0 to 60
3. Travel in a plane, car, train with conversation going on around or high decibel noise = 25-50
4. Medicinal at home, in a medical center, or other where it’s silent or semi-conversational = 50-100
5. Ecological in a natural setting, especially with other socially aware people eating plant-quality foods = 50-100
6. Spiritual where you are alone or with others; silent or semi-conversational = 100 to 300+
7. Free in any and all situations and noise levels = less than 25 to a thousand or more