Lunch at the KI

Lunch at the KI
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Before I left the KI for the Summer Conference, I managed to take a photo of one of the meals that was very yummy. This was a white bean salad, nishime kabocha squash, brown rice onigiri, greens, and some fantastic pickles. Their home made pickles there totally rocked my world.

2 thoughts on “Lunch at the KI”

  1. Yep, people eat that much! My plate was an average amount. Many people went back for seconds. It’s delicious food. When I lived in Japan, people ate tiny portions. My life was far more active than theirs and I always felt somewhat hungry still.

  2. Do they usually eat such amounts of food in one serving? I just wonder, because I have returned from the Netherland macrobiotic institute and the food portions are very small, like half of what you can see on your photo.

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