Mary had so many informative things to share with the Hands Turned to the Soil conference participants. I was so excited to hear how she’s teaching about the healing properties of foods from the Hawaiian point of view, and perhaps not surprisingly, macrobiotic philosophy aligns with what she was saying as well.

Towards the end of the session, we got to try some “edible weeds” and they were really tasty!! I’ve got my eye out for them now so I can find them growing around here and there.

One aspect of what she was presenting really caught my attention since Denny Waxman has his 7 Steps to Strengthening Health.

To maintain good health she said we should do these 7 things:

1. Pray and/or meditate daily
2. Make healthy lifestyle choices
3. Be mindful of the foods we eat
4. Exercise regularly (gently)
5. Drink water (instead of processed beverages)
6. Fast/cleanse during the change of seasons
7. Breathe

I’m so happy to know that more people are teaching about the connections between food, lifestyle changes, and health.