This was in a newsletter I got from respected macrobiotic teacher Jane Stanchich at Great Life Global.

Love Your Liver

Learn about the vital importance of your liver and how to best
nourish this amazing organ, especially in the Spring.

• Reduce fatty, fried, oily foods, including chips and baked goods.
• Eat plenty of vegetables, especially dark leafy greens.
• Use dashes of lemon juice and brown rice vinegar in foods.
• Get plenty of outdoor recreation with lots of fresh air breathing.
• Get plenty of sleep, sing and laugh often, cultivate a joy of life.

Glorify Your Gall Bladder

The Gall Bladder is known as the “Soap Dispenser” of the
body. (See illustration at right with liver on top and greenish gall bladder
nestled underneath.) Along with the liver, the gall bladder digests fats
and performs hundreds of vital functions. The American diet is, on
average, 40% fat, including harmful hydrogenated fats in
processed foods. We recommend that you avoid such fats, and
reduce saturated fats. Eating a plant-based diet and reducing the
consumption of animal foods such as meat, eggs, and dairy creates
a healthier digestive system and improves the overall function of
the liver and gall bladder. Learning the basic symptoms that can
indicate liver/gall bladder disorders can help you prevent serious
flare-ups and pain. Consult a health professional as needed.

Symptoms of Liver/Gallbladder Imbalance

• Indigestion • Eye Disorders • PMS
• Criticism • Irritability • Muscle Pain
• Anger • Gas/Bloating • Pain on right side
• Jaundice • Insomnia • Menstrual Disorders
• Nausea • Migraine Headache • Jealousy
• Fatigue • Sore “heavy” legs • Violence