Hello Leslie,

I just want to say “Thank You” for the unbelievable Enchilada! Vegetable soup had quite a bit of happy looking veggies, the simple green salad was also super nutritious. I see many people don’t realize what the real food taste like, I mean this good has to be normal? That means we’re consuming too much of added chemicals, processed food everyday. The excellent ingredients you and Kathy offers for us is always extraordinary. I don’t mean to exaggerate, you are just TOO GOOD.

My self-claimed food critic husband asked me for one bite looking at my enchilada, as you know, same things happened like Tofu Cheesecake incident on June 19th, remember? 2/3 of my enchilada was stolen again. His strong preconception toward Macrobiotic way of living started to change. He admits he was wrong, just wanted to eat “good food” not vegetables, weeds with sprinkles. And that good food is called Macrobiotic food, people like him exists everywhere. If they’re suspicious, just bring them in to Leslie’s community dinner, let them try first, then they’ll know what’s missing!

Thank you again. Kaori