Italian Parsley

Italian Parsley
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While waiting for my cooking demonstration to start at Whole Foods in Kahala a gentleman stopped by and we started chatting about books and Italian parsley. Considering that I’m a huge fan of parsley, I asked him for his recipe. He looked at me with a question mark on his face. “Recipe? Just take the leaves off a bunch of Italian parsley and add a sliced banana. Pour apple juice over the parsley and banana mixture until the apple juice covers the mixture. Blend. Sure tastes better than wheat grass juice.” “I agree.” “You do?”


  1. Leslie

    I think it depends on the purpose of the drink. This recipe on my blog contains banana which may not fit everyone’s current health needs.

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  2. Anonymous

    HI Leslie – do you think this Parsley-Banana-Apple Juice recipe is a good substitute for a wheat-grass/green drink?

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