1. Leslie

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for taking time to comment. I'll check out your site too. Have a great day! Aloha, Leslie

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  2. The Artful Hawaiigirl

    It looks beautiful, fresh, clean and inviting! Presentation is everything… Aloha and congratulations on being on KGMB9 news in Hawaii.
    I love to cook too! Need to learn more about macrobiotics so wull drop by and subscribe too!

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    • Tiago

      Glad to see an idea like this in print. Often, people don’t urnenstadd the relationship between their emotions and the quality of the food they eat. Although it takes awhile to absorb this idea, seeing is believing. I hope people listen to you and your sound ideas. They will be glad they did. Here’s another tip: If things are off kilter in your relationship, try eating more healthy.

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