My macrobiotic journey all started for me one day when I sent an email to Hiroyuki Naka (pictured on the left, with Reni Schuh, Michio Kushi, and me) and asked him for a health consultation. During this one hour, I was able to explain to him what was going on with my health and how I wanted to work on this naturally, without surgery or drugs. He explained to me what I had been eating was creating the problems, and that if I avoided those food items and instead ate a macrobiotic diet tailored to my condition, that I could get better. I diligently followed his recommendations, and not only did it work, but I also had my whole life path change in so many positive ways.

Hiroyuki (pictured here with his wife Mie) will be in Honolulu on July 7th to offer health and life destiny counseling.

What is a health consultation?

Health consultations are one-on-one meetings between you and a macrobiotic counselor to discuss your particular needs and to receive individualized recommendations for how to strengthen or regain your health. The recommendations will touch upon many aspects of diet and lifestyle from specific foods or dishes that will help to improve your health to daily practices such as walking, sitting down for regular meals or doing a body rub. Your recommendations are specific to you and based on macrobiotic principles of health and well-being. Health consultations with Hiroyuki also include a visual diagnosis.

Life destiny counseling includes how to reach your dreams through food, including items such more money, the relationship you desire, and the job you’ve wanted to achieve, for example. It can also include how to heal from painful events in life. (When I wanted to get an important job, for example, Hiroyuki told me what I should eat for the days leading up to my interview. He did the same for a marathon runner in Japan so that he could win the race – and he did win! Everything is energy, so when you match your vibration to exactly what you desire, you can achieve it!)

If you are ready to get serious about your health and your dreams, a consultation is the fastest route.

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