The Gourmet Ethnic Cooking Series is underway and there have been rave review for the Tempeh Tacos, Spanikopita, Dolmas, Baklava, and Mexican Chocolate Cake, among other tasty treats.

What I’m hoping to get people to embrace is that there is no need to ever deprive yourself of good, tasty, food. You get all the flavor, all the fun, and quality of life.

What makes me feel good is that in eating a diet that is plant-based, local, and organic whenever possible that we are doing good for our bodies, for the Earth, and fighting the corporate food system. When we choose to avoid processed and refined ingredients that lead to chronic illness we feel so much better, physically, emotionally, and morally as well.

The next class will focus on Indian cuisine. When I traveled to Barcelona, Spain, I went to a Hindu Vegetarian restaurant that served the most amazing samosas I have ever tasted. My love and memory was so strong that I recreated them for one of the last Macrobiotic Community Dinners that we served before they ended. I’ll be teaching my super yummy recipe for the samosas!

Cheers to good health, empowered people and communities, and to fair food…..