One thought on “Vegan brown rice sushi class”

  1. Another way to spice up the lentil soup too, is to add the tofu sour cream or some spicy humums. When it is freshly made, I can eat it right out of the pot. I do add some shoyu to it though, because to me it needs just a bit of salty flavor.. this was probably what made the parmesan sprinkle so good.. As you know I like the Family Italian Recipe Dressing (Newman’s) for my tuna salads. It does have a little parmesan in the dressing, but it does not seem to bother me so I allow myself this little indulgence. I did cave in and made regular spaghetti noodles yesterday. This is my comfort food I felt drugged all day after. I have noticed this before if I don’t eat processed wheat for a while, and then eat a big meal of it I have to sleep for 3 hours or so right after it makes me soooo sleepy. The spelt, kamut, and brown rice pastas do not have this effect, so I am grateful for that. Hope you feel better! We are having a big push of the flu down here everyone coming in to the ED. Don’t know why they feel the flu is an emergency . ? Conversation usually goes like this Hi, I’m Dr. Sarah, what brings you in today? Well, I think I have the flu and I feel bad. Ooookkkk . What are you hoping we can do for you? Make it better. Oooookkkk . hold on, let me grab my magic wand ok, you’re all better Shhheeesh! Can you tell it’s my pet peeve .! Motrin, tylenol for the fever, that can help the symptoms a little. Tea helps, miso soup always seems to make me feel better too. Get lots of rest, etc, etc. Happy day! sarah

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