Have you ever noticed how macrobiotic theory likes to classify things? Here are the 7 levels of judgment according to one’s approach to eating.

At what level(s) do you tend to be? (They say that most of us never reach the 7th level!)

1. Physical = “I eat to stay alive”
2. Sensorial = “Mmmmm. It tastes good”
3. Sentimental = “This food reminds me of something good/bad from my childhood”
4. Intellectual = “This food is nutritious”
5. Social/Moral = “I don’t believe in killing animals”, or “This food is grown organically”
6. Ideological = “My religion says to eat/avoid this food”
7. Supreme = “I eat or drink whatever I want because I am free and know how to balance my health according to universal principles (and this includes all the previous levels)”

Where would you classify Homer Simpson, for example? (Comments welcome!)