If you did, here are some tips to help you get back on track:

1. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself. Every day we begin anew!
2. Recommit to yourself, your life, and healthy living.
3. Clear out the junk food.  If you see it staring at you, it’s very likely you’ll eat it!
4. Stock your kitchen with healthy foods (for the same reason – if you see it, you’ll likely eat it!)
5. Figure out strategies that will help you. Do you need a cooking class, a new cookbook, a plan to pack your lunch the night before you go to work? Figure out what triggers you and develop a strategy to trouble shoot that.
6. Get support, such as setting goals with a friend where you can cook and/or exercise together. Even if you don’t do it together, it’s great to have an accountability buddy to keep you motivated.

You’re worth it!

If you need additional help, I’m happy to coach you and help provide solutions.