Update to HB2703 * Our last chance

From Ashley Lukens:

Its 12:05. We’ve got 5 hours. But I come to you with hope.

I attended the 9am conference committee hearing with a hui of folks ready to stand up and speak out about the proposed changes to the bill made by Rep. Tsuji.

Luckily, Senator Nishihara was equally alarmed by the new draft and postponed the committee until tomorrow at 11:30am.

Conference committee hearings are mostly for show. The decisions that get made in the committee happen behind closed doors. We need to find our way in. We have 5 hours to do it.

We need to convince Representative Tsuji and Representative Say that we will NOT accept the language of HB2703-CD1 and that we want the HB2703-SD2 passed through conference and ready for a floor vote.

Action items:

1) Call Tsuji’s office and request that he support SD2. If his office expresses concern regarding the implementation date – remind him/her that such changes are merely technical and that the changes he proposed in HB2703CD1 are dramatic and problematic.

2) Call you friends, family, and colleagues in Hilo/Puna area and ask them to call and email Tsuji. At the end of the day – its his constituents who pay his salary and he should be answering to them.

I’ve been told so many times in this legislative session that this bill is dead. Its too fluffy. who cares? Its not worth fighting for. Critiques from the left and the right…But as I’ve said from the beginning, I know this bill is not perfect. Policy can’t be – its not possible in this game. I feel strongly that our government should be doing something and in effect, this small effort is something worth fighting for. So far, our efforts have worked.

Lets show our elected officials just how powerful we can be.

These are some of the players wielding their pens and axes:

Say ,  Calvin K.Y. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 431
Phone 808-586-6100
Fax 808-586-6101

Tsuji ,  Clift (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 402
Phone 808-586-8480
Fax 808-586-8484

Har ,  Sharon E. (D)
Hawaii State Capitol, Room 438
Phone 808-586-8500
Fax 808-586-8504

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