Workshop – Food Futures

Hawaii Food Policy Council takes a seriously fun look at the future of our food. What role can policy play to influence our food system?

The Hawaii Food Policy Council is excited to team up with the Hawaii Research Center for Futures Studies to develop an immersive tour of Hawaii’s possible future food systems, set in 2055. Alternative Futures is a creative approach to long-term community and organizational planning – an approach that places a premium on creating multiple scenarios that reflect the range of possibilities and potentials that any future may contain. Futures does not judge one alternative future to be greater than another but rather allows all potentialities their equal right to be…and to be experienced. Through experience we gain insight, and through insight we can begin the process of creating a reality that represents our “best of all possible futures.” The HFPC believes that the Alternative Futures toolkit will give us new ways of thinking not only about what is possible for Hawaii’s food system – both the good and the bad – but also give us a shared language and process for collaboratively envisioning what we want our food system to look like, and how we can go about effecting the changes necessary for driving our preferred future forward. By challenging our perceptions of the possible – we will make better policy.

September  20 & 21, 2012
Hawaii Convention Center, Honolulu

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