What is a CSA box?

 Community supported agriculture (CSA) is a new idea in farming, one that has been gaining momentum since its introduction to the United States from Europe in the mid-1980s. The CSA concept originated in the 1960s in Switzerland and Japan, where consumers interested in safe food and farmers seeking stable markets for their crops joined together in economic partnerships. This benefits farmers because they have a direct sale with their consumers rather than having to go through a grocery store. This means they earn more money on their bottom line.  It also helps them to know exactly how much to plant and grow, because customers have pre-booked it. Purchasing the box means that you support them even when the crops may fail and you receive only what is growing in season. 


  • Purchasing directly from the farmer helps the farmer’s bottom line.
  • The farmer knows how much to grow.
  • You support the local economy.
  • You support the environment.

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The first time I taught this class was for the Hawaii Food Policy Council‘s fundraiser. These were the vegetables that I used to create the class.  The 8/19 class recipes will depend on what’s generally coming out in the CSA box for that week.  Hope to see you in class!