Multi-sensory Cooking Exercise

The next time you cook, pay close attention to every single action that you perform in the kitchen. Don’t think about what you have to do later in the day or what you did that morning. Think about the rice you are washing, the carrot you are cutting in long, thin matchsticks, or the broccoli you’re steaming. Look at the color of the vegetable in your hand, examine its various features. Cut it open and appreciate its complexity and variety—the seeds or the pattern. Taste it, smell it, and feel its texture. Think about where it came from, how it grew in the sun, how it was washed with the rain. Contemplate its harvest, its journey from the field to the store or supermarket. Appreciate every item of food that you prepare. Be with the food, don’t be somewhere else. Cut it carefully. Cook it mindfully. Pay attention.

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  1. The casein is used as a biidnng agent, and is most likely in such small amounts as to be irrelevant. Vegans don’t like it because they largely are vegan due to a belief against using any animal products and therefore violates that rule . But in terms of MB standards, I think it is as fine as the soy products themselves Soy cheese, even tofu is still a processed product and therefore not as good as something non-processed . but still considered OK for consumption in moderation. Your meals looked good today!!! You maybe even got enough calories for once and the macro cookies are meant to be eaten. I sometimes make the oat bars, because I don’t eat them so fast, but still satisfy my sweet tooth. Glad the roasted veggies were a hit, and the quinoa!! yeah! Have a great day! sarah

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