Going into the last holiday season, I was worried because I wasn’t able to spend it in the way I usually do, and for this reason, thought that  it might be depressing and isolating. Also, my home is too small to have a Christmas tree or to really get into putting up decorations, but I love to celebrate seasonally, so through the process of meditating (with the help of my personal coaches) I got clear about what the energy of the holidays means to me.

This was:

  • getting dressed up and wearing makeup (Makeup is a special treat rather than an everyday thing for me!)
  • getting festive
  • playing card games, laughing, and spending time with people I love
  • going to see fantastical gingerbread houses

I was amazed that when I got clear on the feeling, or the energy of what I wanted, this translated to one of the best holidays I’ve ever had.  The reason it was so fantastic is because I did it all consciously and in the essence of what would make me happy, leaving behind any attachments of how this actually came about. For example, I ended up decorating my home as best I could with things that were symbolic to me, and when my neighbor trimmed off and tossed away branches from her Christmas tree, I brought them inside and put them into a vase.  I dressed up in black velvet, sparkly high heels, and put on daring red lipstick, and went to see the Nutcracker, and then on another day went down into Waikiki to see the gingerbread displays.  I was happy to be invited to a party of some people I really admire, and also played card games with friends and went out to drink wine.  On Christmas Day, I talked to people I love and then went to the beach, where I savored every moment of relaxation.

We often get drained by all the dynamics of the holiday season; the stress, the family interactions, and the obligations. I hope that you take time to think about what will feed your soul and then celebrate the holidays in a way that deeply satisfies your innermost self.