I’ve been reading a lot lately and this one little quote I found really hit things home for me and I think it’s so applicable to people who are learning how to cook: Seth Godin said, “Test lots of things. Fail often.” I’ve been seeing this theme come up all over the place so it’s helping me self reflect.

When I was in my cooking school, this was exactly how I learned to cook.  I took my classes, bought the ingredients, and went home to practice on my own. Some of what I made turned out fantastic.  And some of what I made honestly bombed and was inedible.  This is a natural part of learning.  When I burned brown rice, for example, instead of saying to myself “God you’re a terrible cook” or some other negative self talk, I threw away the rice (now I’d feed it to my worms) and started over, adjusting whatever I needed to. More water? Less heat?  I just adjusted everything until I found the sweet spot.  The more I did that, the easier it got.

I see students completely frozen in classes sometimes not wanting to try the recipes at home for fear that they will fail. Maybe someone in your life told you some nonsense lie at one point that you’re not a good cook. The truth is that you’re most likely a better cook than them and that’s why they are telling you this!  I also have taught language classes and see students who refuse to speak because they are scared to make mistakes. These students learn more slowly, are really hard on themselves, and have a lot less fun.

Whatever you’re learning, just aim, shoot, and if you miss the mark in the kitchen, realign yourself until you find your sweet spot!

Michael Jordan on failing