Vegan Prix Fixe Menu

Roy's Waikiki

Something I would love to see more of on Oahu is high end vegan cuisine in an upscale atmosphere. I love dining out but usually don’t because there are so few options. I’ve known about Roy’s for a while, but just recently dined there to see what their vegan prix fixe menu was all about. I have to say, although the food was generally saltier and oiler than I would normally prepare for my own clients, it was all lovely, flavorful, presented well, and the service superb. The waitress said that the menu changes every few months, so that’s nice to know I can go back and have something different. I chose the menu option paired with wine. I prefer red wine, but everything they paired with the food was white. Be prepared to spend money on this when you go. When you add in the the tip and parking, it will be about $75 (less if you leave out the wine pairings).

Here’s what the menu looked like as of June 2013.

Edamame & Prosecco Edamame with Prosecco

Curried Kabocha Carrot Soup Curried Kabocha and Carrot Soup with a Pineapple Emulsion

I’m pretty sure that this had sugar in it. It was still delicious.

Asparagus Tartare Asparagus Tartare with Sweet Potato Chips, Roasted Chickpeas, and Tomato (might have had a balsamic reduction on the side)

Kung Pao Eggplant Kung Pao Eggplant over Quinoa with Cauliflower Sauce

Not spicy (fortunately!) and extremely flavorful! I was definitely getting full.

Apple Crisp Apple Crisp with Lime Sorbet

By the time this huge dessert came, I was already pleasantly stuffed! I ate the sorbet and apple chip and then a few bites of the apple crisp. They packed the rest for me to take home, which I heartily enjoyed for breakfast the next day.

They do have two other vegan menu options, one of which is sushi. I’ve had that before, and it’s also very delicious!


  1. Regina Ewing

    Leslie, when are you going to prepare a BR, Ln, Din menu for pickup that we can purchase and take home – not necessarily “high end” just delicious and nutricious….. I am still having trouble prepping for myself…

    Mahalo, Regina

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    • Leslie Ashburn

      Hi Regina, Thanks for reading the blog post and for taking time to leave a comment. Due to state laws, the only way for me to do this is by securing a commercial kitchen space (e.g., like a restaurant or rental) as it falls into the “catering” category which is challenging for many many reasons. That’s why my service is 100% in the client’s home. Let me know when you’d like something like that. It’s enough food to last for about 4 to 5 days. Warm aloha and happy summer!

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