One day, I was home watching You Tube videos and doing some work on my computer when I got an email via the contact form on my website.  After reading through it, I contacted the person (who turned out to be the assistant at the time) to answer his questions and thus found out who was inquiring about my services.  When I first heard the name, I actually didn’t know who it was, so after hanging up, I Googled to find out who it was.  Seeing the photo of the person made me scream and jump up and down in my living room. I really love the films this person was in and had seen all of them!  I was a big, big fan.  I must say, it was exciting and fun working with this person and I was so grateful for the experience.

So how did I attract this? Here is what I did: For about 30 days straight, I practiced a visualization technique for 15 minutes every morning as soon as I woke up, and for 15 minutes again before falling asleep.  Focusing on what I wanted, I literally felt that feeling in my body in every detail possible, such as what I would be wearing, what the sounds were around me, what the smells were, who was with me, and every other nuance I could imagine.  I often put on my favorite song and danced in my living room to raise my vibration, also imagining this goal.  Eventually, the universe rearranged to bring that into my life.  It was not exactly in the form I had expected or by what was on my vision board, but it certainly was just. as. amazing.!

Give it a try and see what manifests for you.  At the very least, meditating for 15 minutes at the beginning and end of each day will bring you into the present moment.