Spring Dishes – Photos

These are various dishes that I have recently cooked for customers (or myself). Enjoy, and of course, please let me know if you would like me to cook for you!    

Easter Brunch Treats

My spring cleaning has unearthed a bunch of gems, including recipes that I haven’t ever made.  While I didn’t have all of the ingredients on hand for the original recipe, I improvised so that I could make these vegan broccoli and pepper jack biscuits for Easter brunch. Step 1 – Assemble wet and dry ingredients […]

Pantry Must-Haves for Macrobiotic Cooking

For healthful and varied macrobiotic cooking, I recommend these following items. Don’t know what they are or what to do with them? Try a Google recipe search and see what pops up (or better yet, let me teach you how)! Stocking these in your pantry helps make cooking easier so you can just pull out […]

Spring Cooking Style

Spring The first leaves and buds of spring usually take several weeks to peek through the snow, unfold, and open (or if you live in Hawaii, the rain and chillier weather makes way for warm dry days again). In the same way, we can slowly modify our cooking as spring and warmer weather approaches. In […]

Welcoming Spring into Our Kitchens

Tips for Spring Cooking Add fresh greens to your meals (e.g., kale, collards, watercress, parsley, and other hardy greens) Use lighter cooking methods, such as short-time boiling, steaming, and quick sautéing Reduce the amount of salt and other seasonings slightly Use foods and pickles fermented for a shorter period of time Include wild grasses, sprouts, […]

Lucky Foods For The New Year * Osechi Ryori

When I lived in Japan, one of the tastiest menus that I learned was how to prepare the traditional New Year’s food. First introduced during the Heinan Period, osechi-ryori is basically a bento (boxed lunch) prepared in advance, stored in a cool place, and reheated when it is to be eaten during the first three […]

Big Island Personal Chef Work

Recently, I’ve had the super fun opportunity to travel to the Big Island for work. It’s an adventure to fly in, source the ingredients (and in the process, get to know the health food store Big Island Naturals), and then cook.  If you’re on a neighbor island and interested in having me cook for you, […]