Things I Love

Just wanted to share some of the things that I’ve been recently enjoying:

1. Homemade granola with organic oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, coconut, and maple syrup.
2. Raw kale salad with dino kale, carrots, cucumbers, red pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, organic tamari, and local tomatoes.
3. Alter Eco Dark Chocolate with Quinoa
4. Red wine
5. Summer fruits like blueberries, strawberries, and canteloupe.
6. Long walks and running in nature.
7. Going to the beach.
8. Family time.
9. Pot boiled brown rice instead of pressure cooked, for a change.
10. Connecting with macrobiotic enthusiasts on Kauai.
11. Surinam Cherry and Clove flavored Ono Pops popcicles.
12. Someone recently gifted me two containers of soy whipped cream (see photo above) which is so NOT MACRO yet so delicious all the same. This was so that I could make the most amazing vanilla custard. How do we get this on Oahu?

Macrobiotic Philosophy & Radiation Exposure

This information is from John Kozinski at the Kushi Institute:

Concerned About Nuclear Radiation Fallout?

Kushi Institute senior teacher and macrobiotic counselor John Kozinski shares timely information on this important issue.

Ideas to Protect Yourself from Harmful Radiation

As the crisis in Japan unfolds, there is uncertainty about possible radiation that may affect Japan and the world.

Potassium iodide pills have been sold out at many of the American distributors. Potassium iodide helps protect a person from the harmful effects of radioactive iodine by blocking it’s uptake into the thyroid. One possible serious effect of exposure to large doses of radioactive iodine is thyroid cancer.

There are some natural foods that will help if you have radiation exposure. Here is a list with some explanations.

  1. Leafy greens: stimulate the colon and help the liver discharge radiation from the body.
  2. Fermented foods: have the same effect as leafy greens. These include miso, natural cucumber pickles, and fermented sauerkraut. The best quality pickles are homemade or found in the refrigerated section of the store. They do not have vinegar as an ingredient.
  3. Avoid or limit sugars. These will ferment in the gut and interfere with elimination
  4. Avoid excessive amounts of whole wheat flour products. The excess fiber will interfere with gut bacteria, hampering elimination.
  5. Avoid hard and dry grains such as granola, and dried cereal. This kind of fiber creates bad bacteria hampering the gut.
  6. Eat moderate amounts of grains and cooked vegetables, small amounts of beans regularly and fish along with some cooked fruit, healthy fats and natural seasonings. If you eat other forms of animal foods, be moderate. Excessive amounts will interfere with digestion
  7. Limit raw foods. Raw fiber is harder to digest and will hamper elimination.
  8. Good quality saturated fats block the toxicity of radioactive ions such as avocado and coconut oil. Increase these in times of a nuclear disaster.
  9. Fatty fish: fat soluble vitamins in fatty fish like wild salmon or sardines aid elimination. Eat more often in a disaster.
  10. Kelp tablets from clean waters or kombu powder made from kombu from clean waters. The natural iodine can replace the potassium iodine pills. Take a pill every 1-2 hours if exposed to radiation. North American Herb and Spice Company has good quality kelp under the name, PureKelp. If using kombu powder take a half teaspoon 3 times a day.
  11. Miso has a substance that will remove radiation from the body. Prepare soups and season with a strong taste of miso if there is nuclear disaster. Drink 3 cups per day.
  12. Umeboshi Plums: Take 1-2 daily. This will stimulate the liver and colon to eliminate radiation.
  13. Supplements for Radiation disasters: organic selenium, 200 micrograms every hour for one week then 600 micrograms daily. Vitamin E: 400 IU every hour for 1-2 days, then 2400 IU daily. Buy Vitamin E as mixed tocopherols and/or tocotrienols.
  14. North American Herb and Spice Company has a product that combines herbs, supplements and potassium iodine. It is called NukeProtect.
  15. Chlorella: 2 – 500 mg. capsules 3 times per day or follow directions on the bottle


Note from Leslie: The programs and services as well as all information in these web pages are educational in nature, not medical advice, and not intended to take the place of personalized medical counseling, diagnosis and treatment.

Leslie and Alan Wong Jammin’ in the Kitchen

One of my favorite people here in Hawaii is Alice Inoue whom I met about 6 years or so ago when I had just come back from Japan and started teaching macrobiotics. She had mentioned that her partner is Alan Wong and right then and there I set the intention to someday work with him in some way with macrobiotics.

Fast forward to November 2010, where I had the wonderful honor to sit between Alan and Roy Yamaguchi to judge the Iron Chef competition through my participation in Grow Hawaii. While judging, I spoke with both of them and Alan and I decided to get in the kitchen and share inspirations with each other.

January 2011 represented the fruition of our agreement, and I spent several hours in his kitchen with him and his staff sharing some of my favorite vegan and macrobiotic recipes. With Alan directing, they expertly showed me how they plate and present the food in Alan’s style. I learned so much and was so incredibly inspired by the brilliance I was surrounded by! Here are some of the photos, and sorry the quality isn’t the best.

decorating the plate with sauces

spanikopita garnished with stuffed grape leaves and micro greens

quinoa pilaf with other treats

the ‘everything dish’ with everything we made during the day

a close up of the previous photo

another ‘everything dish’

I’m so excited for the direction that really fine vegan and macrobiotic cuisine is taking here in Honolulu! This trend encourages me that more people will start enjoying healthier dishes more frequently! Hopefully more collaborations will ensue.

Put Yourself First

In my last posts, I made a commitment to step out of my comfort zone and share more of myself with everyone. 2010 got off to a pretty rocky start for me, so I am in the energy of great celebration for the close of that yearly cycle and for the possibility of rebirth and renewal in 2011. I am in such deep and beautiful gratitude for the lessons I learned and all the frankly magical opportunities that came my way in the past year. It rocks! Possibly one of the greatest lessons of my life came in the first few days of 2010. I’m sharing this so that no one else needs to get “run over by a Mack truck” by the universe.

Here’s what it was:


If I am not taking care of myself in the way I need to, then I cannot show up for anyone else to share from a place of wealth and abundance. Anything less than this comes from the energy of depletion and lack.

How does this relate to you?

Over and over again, I hear SO many people in my classes say, “My husband/boyfriend/wife/girlfriend/kids need(s) this healthy food the most (more than me), but they won’t eat it.”

What does this mean?

It means that whomever is saying this is actually projecting a part of their own self-conscious onto another person. When you say “I am worried about my husband’s blood pressure, weight, diabetes (etc., etc.)”, take a moment to pause and look inward. Do you have these issues resolved for yourself?

Everything we do has to begin first with ourselves. I took 2 years of my life and spent a lot of my hard earned money to learn about macrobiotics in depth, engrossing myself and practicing cooking every single opportunity I had. I made big elaborate meals on the weekends or other days off, and then invited my dear friend Clair over to try everything. She and I traded, so that when I fed her, she gave me reiki treatments and NLP (these are what she was learning at the time). When I was home with my family over the holidays, I cooked my own dishes with enough for everyone to enjoy, and added these to our table as options. Often (but not always!), these were favorites and are now requested dishes each time I come home. And I can guarantee you that we did NOT grow up eating kale or miso soup!!

When you live and breathe health, and when you immerse yourself in caring for yourself, you will naturally attract interest. As I became a better cook and as my own health soared, it didn’t matter what I put on the table. It was enjoyed as a gift of love from my heart because it was filled with the qualities I was vibrating.

When you reach this point, you won’t need to say a single thing to anyone! Begging, forcing, controlling and cajoling will have quite the opposite effect you desire. When you are grounded in your own health and wellness, people will naturally gravitate towards your bright and shining light.

And just a reminder if you have forgotten: YOU’RE WORTH IT!!!

6 Steps To Changing Your Life

So, now that I’ve told you about me, how can you change your life?

Here are the steps that I took.

1) Most important is to commit to yourself and commit to your health and happiness as your number 1 values.

2) Identify the limiting beliefs you have (and we ALL have them running subconsciously).

3) Get a teacher, coach, or mentor to help you learn how to cook and someone who can help you identify and shift these limiting beliefs

4) Quit anything that drains your precious life force. (My income doubled and then tripled when the extreme toxicity of a relationship was removed and opportunities have started flying my way left and right.)

5) Build community that will support and encourage you.

6) Experiment, try new things, and don’t be afraid to fail!

Leave comments and tell me about your experiences!

Change Your Food * Change Your Life

I set an important and life-changing goal for myself.

Want to know what it is?

This goal is to positively and radically change my life in 2011, to embrace my gifts and to show up fully in the world.

You see, I think that for that majority of my entire life, I have been hiding out. I’ve been too afraid to really just “go for it”. I’ve been hiding behind fears, limiting beliefs, and other people. In fact, just writing this blog post has me totally nervous to share who I am with you! In the past, at times, just “being myself” and having my dreams was met with criticism and discouragement.

Well guess what? I’m doing some extreme make-overs that I intend will bring more ease, effortlessness, grace, love, and joy into my life!! And when I accomplish this, it means that I will have so much more of my own gifts to share with the world.

If you look at my life right now, you might never know that I used to:

  • be overweight
  • have acne
  • to smoke (a lot of) cigarettes
  • eat at McDonald’s fairly regularly (in fact, I loved the french fries and chocolate shake as an afternoon snack)

But then I experienced a couple of really life-shattering experiences that set my life on a brand new course. As life brought these challenges, I have shifted into more of who I am. How did I do this?

I got to where I am now by QUITTING……


Here’s what I quit:

1) Chicken, pork, and red meat first, then several years later finally dropped cheese and milk, and after that, fish, so that now I live a plant-based diet and lifestyle.

2) Processed foods. This was a revelation and a huge step toward completely renovating my whole life and my entire career. I felt so much better physically and emotionally that I was able to start my own business and embrace public speaking.

3) Negativity in my environment. “Food” comes in the form of what we are used to thinking of (e.g., what we put into our mouths), but did you ever stop to think about the “food” that is in your environment in general, such as the fear perpetuated by the media, the violence in the movies you watch, and people who drain your life force energy with their negativity? Have you had that same stack of clutter in your house for months? All of this is “food” because it’s energy that you’re taking in every single day.

4) Limiting beliefs. Because of my own life experiences, I’ve had significant limiting beliefs that have caused me to avoid living fully into my fullest potential. These old scripts play in our minds subconsciously, and you know what? They drain your energy. In committing to my life, to myself, and to happiness, prosperity, and abundance, I have been able to identify, cleanse, heal, and love myself more fully and sink more into my authenticity.

In addition to “quitting” I have also added in more positive influences — let’s call them “COMMITTING”! These have been:

1) Establishing a habit of eating whole foods, plant-based, organic home cooked meals. I didn’t know how to do it when I first started my journey, so I got a bunch of books and read voraciously, AND I spent the money (in the thousands of dollars) to work with my teachers and educate myself. This became my passion and my full purpose for living.

2) Finding a community that would support me, and when I couldn’t find community I started my own. I have an entire TEAM consisting of a coach, a mastermind group of fellow people with similar goals to my own who celebrate me and cheer me on and nurture me when I hit any obstacles (this happens to all of us no matter what stage we’re experiencing), experts at shifting energy who I see here in Honolulu regularly, and friends and family who show up for me unconditionally.

3) Committing even more fully healthier living including spending time with awesome girl friends, meditating (doing this twice daily); nurturing and loving myself by keeping up a regular yoga practice, getting massages, resting, or going to the beach; as well as taking courses that will help me succeed.

What have been the results since I set and committed to my recent goal?

In the past month or two, I have radically shifted and received numerous blessings including:

  • being named one of the top young chefs in Hawaii by the trade magazine Hawaii Hospitality (and the majority of those mentioned in addition to me were men)
  • being named one of Hawaii’s “most respected private chefs” by the Grow Hawaii team
  • landing a celebrity client
  • being featured in local and international food, fashion, and travel magazines
  • getting elected the chair for the newly formed Health and Nutrition Working Group in the Hawaii Food Policy Council
  • a spot on our local cable TV channel in November and December

You know it feels really good because my mission and purpose for improving my own life is so that people not just here in Hawaii, but the world, can experience healthier living! There are so many reasons for us to do this (and I’ll cover them in another post.)

I’m going to be stepping even further out of my comfort zone, and I have to admit, this totally freaks me out. But I’m committed. I’m going for it!