Surprising Combinations

Frequently, people will taste a dish that I have made and say something like, “I really didn’t know what this would be like when I saw that it included x and y ingredients, but it’s actually REALLY GOOD!” This happened today at the Healthy Lunchbox cooking class. For one of our dishes, we had a […]

Late Afternoon Party

Having fun in the garden waiting for friends to come over for an afternoon party…. Braised gobo and sauteed tatsoi were on the menu, along with a summery arame salad and a soba salad with oven roasted vegetables and an Asian-dressing. The other items not pictured were hummus, roasted nuts, Kalamata olives, fresh corn on […]

Sweet Treats

This coming Sunday is the back-to-school Healthy Lunch Box Cooking Class and today I have been working on the various recipes for it. One quick and tasty treat is the Brown Rice Crispy Treats that I’ll be demonstrating how to make. Mmmm….. crunchy, nutty, sweet…. What more could you ask for?

Pressed Salad

I was in need of a quick meal tonight because I wanted to go running and then head out to see Kanu Hawaii’s screening of The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil , so I chopped up all my veggies, including hakurei* (baby turnips), wonbok* (Chinese cabbage), carrots, and cucumber*, sprinkled it with […]

Playing with new ingredients

The other day when I was shopping at Whole Foods, I stumbled on two new variations of ingredients that I haven’t seen before, barley and lentils. I have been searching for this special and very elusive black barley for about 8 years! My friend Reni told me she found it at Rainbow Market in the […]

7 Levels of Judgment

Have you ever noticed how macrobiotic theory likes to classify things? Here are the 7 levels of judgment according to one’s approach to eating. At what level(s) do you tend to be? (They say that most of us never reach the 7th level!) 1. Physical = “I eat to stay alive”2. Sensorial = “Mmmmm. It […]

Spicy? Harmonious? Balanced?

We always have a choice what we eat and when we know how it affects us, then we can decide if that is appropriate for our condition. Nothing is categorically “good” or “bad”. It just has an energetic effect. For example, we had several spices like curry powder, cardamom, cumin, coriander, and mustard seeds, in […]

Vegan brown rice sushi class

The vegan brown rice sushi class is Sept 3rd! See my website for all the details:

Yin and Yang Mental Disorders

The other night in the Indian food cooking class, we were talking about extreme foods and how according to macrobiotic philosophy, they can tip us out of balance. Here are the foods and the resulting characteristics…. True? You decide! Yin Mental Disorders Over-consumption of sugar and other sweeteners, fruits, fruit juice, chemicals, most medications, drugs, […]