A Beautiful Summer: Naturally

Keep your skin healthy in summer (and year ’round) with these beneficial plant foods: Vitamin A Apricot Broccoli Butternut squash Carrots Cantaloupe Kabocha Kale Mango Spinach Sweet Potatoes Benefits: Improves skin texture and reduces age spots. Vitamin C Bell peppers Brussels sprouts Cauliflower Kale Lemon Papaya Parsley Strawberries Benefits: Key to the production of collagen […]

Neighbor Island Adventures: Kauai

In May, my parents were on the island visiting, and we went to Kauai for about 5 days of pure bliss. The air seems to tingle with energy there. During those 5 days, we were pretty busy doing nothing! We slept, ate, hit happy hour with our books and watched the sunsets, explored the south […]

Eat Well, Live Well

I always wanted to be a contributing author to edible Hawaiian Islands and this dream came true with the launch party that happened in early 2014 at Taste. The name of my featured article is Eat Well, Live Well: A Game Plan for Health The photography (and actually everything) in this issue is really spectacular. […]

Special Vegan Dining Experience

This weekend I joined the women of Les Dames d’Escoffier, Hawai’i Chapter, to celebrate their birthday at the Sheraton Waikiki. The original menu was not something that I would have normally eaten, so the Dames President of the Hawai’i chapter arranged for me to get a special vegan course menu, and it was absolutely scrumptious. […]

Summer Cooking Style

In summer, plants ripen and reach their growth.  At this time we can begin to use foods that have more active expansive energy, such as leafy green vegetables, summer squashes, sweet corn, and locally grown fruits.  Fresh salads can be served more frequently in summer or enjoyed in the form of marinated, pressed, or lightly […]

Body Confidence

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see? Is your body image positive or negative?  If your answer is negative, you are not alone. I have informally questioned my students if they are happy with their bodies, and they resoundingly say “NO. I’m too fat. I don’t like my eyelids, chin, […]

Bikini-Ready Body Foodie Photos

fix you coldplay lyrics radiohead fake plastic trees lyrics katy perry lost lyrics madness lyrics its time lyrics black skinhead explosions lyrics cant stop lyrics breed lyrics pink floyd brain damage lyrics Here are some of the photos from the cooking class! After the class ended, participants went over to Hawaii Fashion Incubator and did […]