What does your environment say about you?

When I lived in Japan, I initially felt very lonely and isolated in such a foreign place so different from any other place I had ever lived. My mood for a while was very dismal, dark, and grey. It seemed intensely difficult to negotiate my surroundings. I had a lot of free time on my […]

Accolades for Jun 19 Community Dinner

Thank you for working so hard to make the dinner tonight. I enjoyed this meal that was so efficiently put together! The tempeh was great—not too salty, but tasty. The arame salad was refreshing and the quinoa was light and pretty at the same time! I sense and feel the good energy in the soup […]

Hands Turned to the Soil

Hands Turned to the SoilOriginally uploaded by macro808 This past Saturday, I drove to Kahana State Park to attend the Hands Turned to the Soil conference put on by Ma’o Organic Farms and Whole Foods. It was amazing and inspiring to be around all the presenters and participants alike who all shared the same passion […]

7 steps to health from Mary Correa, Instructor of La‘au Lapa‘au and HWST 107 – Kapi‘olani Community College

Mary had so many informative things to share with the Hands Turned to the Soil conference participants. I was so excited to hear how she’s teaching about the healing properties of foods from the Hawaiian point of view, and perhaps not surprisingly, macrobiotic philosophy aligns with what she was saying as well. Towards the end […]

* Limu * Seaweed *

When I first got back from Japan and started teaching macrobiotics in Hawaii, I went to the library and checked out a local cookbook about “limu” or seaweed. The cookbook showed all the types that grow around the islands, but said they were mostly all extinct which made me feel so sad. Henry and Wally […]

Honolulu Advertiser “Natural Appeal” Story

Honolulu Advertiser “Natural Appeal” StoryOriginally uploaded by macro808 Read the full article about the Haleiwa Farmer’s Market at the Honolulu Advertiser

It’s a Party! Cooking Class

During the course of teaching over the past several years, many people who hear the words “health food” think they are doomed to eating brown rice, tofu, and salads for breakfast lunch and dinner. However, there are are so many simple, elegant, and delicious dishes that we can make and share with friends, family, and […]

Macrobiotic Dinner, Frequently Asked Questions

Macrobiotic Community Dinner, next dates June 10 and June 19, 2009 Q. Do you have to be a church member to go to the dinner? Similarly, are there only church people there? A. This dinner is completely 100% open to all. We have a wide variety of people who attend, some of whom happen to […]

Power of farming from public radio show

Food Deserts YOUNG: When Michelle Obama rolled up her sleeves and started digging a garden on the White House lawn, advocates for healthy local food cheered. The First Lady set a powerful example by inviting Washington, DC schoolchildren to garden along with her. The message: the inner city, too, can have access to fresh, organic […]

federal funding to convert to organic gardening

3-Week Sign-Up for Organic Conversion Program begins May 11Press Release National Organic Coalition/National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, May 5, 2009 Straight to the Source NEW EQIP ORGANIC CONVERSION PROGRAM SIGN-UPMAY 11- MAY 29 AT YOUR LOCAL NRCS OFFICEExisting AND Transitioning Farmers Eligible For Sign-Up Details go to the ATTRA Website or call 800-346-9140see NSAC Memo with […]