Macrobiotic Dinner, Frequently Asked Questions

Macrobiotic Community Dinner, next dates June 10 and June 19, 2009 Q. Do you have to be a church member to go to the dinner? Similarly, are there only church people there? A. This dinner is completely 100% open to all. We have a wide variety of people who attend, some of whom happen to […]

Power of farming from public radio show

Food Deserts YOUNG: When Michelle Obama rolled up her sleeves and started digging a garden on the White House lawn, advocates for healthy local food cheered. The First Lady set a powerful example by inviting Washington, DC schoolchildren to garden along with her. The message: the inner city, too, can have access to fresh, organic […]

federal funding to convert to organic gardening

3-Week Sign-Up for Organic Conversion Program begins May 11Press Release National Organic Coalition/National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, May 5, 2009 Straight to the Source NEW EQIP ORGANIC CONVERSION PROGRAM SIGN-UPMAY 11- MAY 29 AT YOUR LOCAL NRCS OFFICEExisting AND Transitioning Farmers Eligible For Sign-Up Details go to the ATTRA Website or call 800-346-9140see NSAC Memo with […]

Holy Yum!

Feedback from Leslie’s Kapiolani Community College cooking class on Saturday “Curb Your Cravings” “I’ve taken 6 or 7 of these classes before and this one was definitely the best!” “I thought eating healthy meant eating brown rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but you’ve shown me that eating well can taste good too. We’re definitely […]

7 reasons from the KI of Europe to study macrobiotics

Let’s add “7 reasons to eat whole foods” to that too… 1. Sustain your future 2. Secure your present 3. Reshape your health 4. Protect your immunity 5. Improve your condition 6. Expand your view of life 7. Challenge your commitment to the world

A Great Recipe for a peace-filled life in 2009

I just got this from a friend in my in-box. Thought it had several nice ideas that are worth sharing with others. Each person can decide for him/herself if these apply. 1. Take a 10 to 30 minute walk every day. And while you walk, smile. Itis the ultimate anti-depressant. 2. Sit in silence for […]

Leslie’s website

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DSC_6578Originally uploaded by macro808 Here are a few of the ingredients that I keep on hand in my kitchen, including azuki beans, almonds, dried chestnuts, quinoa, and pine nuts….

Tonight’s dinner menu for a client

DSC_6530Originally uploaded by macro808 Brown Rice Marinated Hijiki and Lentils with Rosemary Watercress, Fig, Artichoke, Fennel Salad with Balsamic Dressing Glazed Beets and Walnuts Baked Onions Stuffed with Natto and Vegetables topped with a Miso Tahini Sauce Tofu Cheesecake with Strawberry Topping