Menu for a recent party

One of my clients had a very serious health condition that kept her in the hospital for weeks. After getting out of the hospital, she firmly committed herself even more to her health by doing yoga and pranayama, ending toxic relationships, playing golf to keep active, and keeping up a very healthy whole foods macrobiotic […]

Menu for Wednesday’s client

Everything on this menu was vegan, and the sister and boyfriend who were uncertain of the idea of VEGAN and MACRO food were very pleasantly surprised! We said it was “Real food for real people.” Greek Salad with Tofu FetaSpanikopita (spinach pie with tofu instead of cheese)Falafel with Pita BreadTahini SauceGrape Leaves stuffed with Brown […]

Happy Meal for Thursday’s Healing Seminar

One thing that is important to me as a chef is to have food that is beautiful to look at, in addition to being tasty. If something is supposedly “healthy” but is brown and unidentifiable, I don’t believe that someone will feel good when they eat it. For example, sometimes, if I’m in a hurry, […]

10-day Healing Seminar

Every couple of months, Dr. Terry Shintani (author of The Good Carb Revolution and Eat More, Weight Less) does a Healing Seminar for people in Honolulu, Hawaii. Approximately 30 people typically register for each program. They show up on a Saturday, the first day of their program, for a 12-hour long day of cooking demonstrations, […]

zodi shower

zodi showerOriginally uploaded by macro808 When I was growing up, we had a very rustic cabin, with a woodburning cast iron stove to cook in and heat hot water for doing dishes, no electricity, a root cellar to store fruits and vegetables in, and we got spring water from a fresh water spring nearby. We […]

northern idaho

northern idahoOriginally uploaded by macro808 Wednesday night I returned from about 9 glorious days cut off from the world in the wild and wooly mountains of Northern Idaho where I saw moose, deer, hawks, chipmunks, and other wildlife, plus the very colorful human inhabitants! Luckily there were no bear or cougars to be seen, though […]

Amazing type of orchid

Amazing type of orchidOriginally uploaded by macro808 At the beginning of the month, I went to the Hawaii State Farm Fair on the Bishop Museum grounds, where they had an open air farmer’s market, games and rides for kids, animals like pigs, ponies, sheep, and chickens for the young people’s 4-H projects, and a huge […]

“Sultry Subcontinental Night”

This is one of those very specific nights when I feel so lucky to live in diverse, multicultural, and colorful Honolulu. On the last Friday of every month, The Academy of Arts puts on an event called ARTafterDARK where they open up the galleries and magically transform the entire museum, including all the courtyards and […]

Backyard Gardening Again

Each weekend over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to play in the dirt with a pick, shovel, and rake. It feels fantastic to work hard and sweat this way, working the earth. I have to say, it was amazing to take the compost that I made (complete with all my cute wiggly earthworms) and […]

Potluck gang

potluck gangOriginally uploaded by macro808 Building community around a healthy diet and lifestyle is something I feel is paramount to enjoying life. When I lived in Japan, I initially felt very isolated, but when I met all of the fellow students at Macrobi Garden, I felt so much more at home in a foreign country. […]