“Sultry Subcontinental Night”

This is one of those very specific nights when I feel so lucky to live in diverse, multicultural, and colorful Honolulu. On the last Friday of every month, The Academy of Arts puts on an event called ARTafterDARK where they open up the galleries and magically transform the entire museum, including all the courtyards and […]

Backyard Gardening Again

Each weekend over the last few weeks, I’ve gotten to play in the dirt with a pick, shovel, and rake. It feels fantastic to work hard and sweat this way, working the earth. I have to say, it was amazing to take the compost that I made (complete with all my cute wiggly earthworms) and […]

Potluck gang

potluck gangOriginally uploaded by macro808 Building community around a healthy diet and lifestyle is something I feel is paramount to enjoying life. When I lived in Japan, I initially felt very isolated, but when I met all of the fellow students at Macrobi Garden, I felt so much more at home in a foreign country. […]

Teaching at massage school

teaching at massage schoolOriginally uploaded by macro808 Every three months or so I head to Kailua to teach at the American Institute of Massage Therapy, Hawaii. I spend the day cooking a typical vegan macrobiotic seasonal organic meal for the students, and then talk to them about what macrobiotics is all about. This was one […]

Brief History of Sugar

I picked up the book Sugar Blues again recently by William Dufty as I was preparing for teaching a dessert class. The points in the book were a good reminder for me to consider not only the health implications, but also the political implications of sugar. The following information below outlines some of the points […]


Everyone deserves great abundance, energy, health, happiness, and well-being, and one of the easiest ways to bring more of this into your life is through the healing power of whole foods. Leslie Ashburn has been a passionately dedicated vegan macrobiotic personal chef and cooking teacher for the past 5 years and in the food service […]

Today’s meals

Breakfast: Miso soup with root vegetablesOrganic steamed collard greensBrown rice with hato mugi Snack: Fuji apple Lunch: Azuki beans with squash, kombu, and gingerBrown rice with hato mugiPressed saladSea palm with tahini sauce Dinner Kabocha saladMizunaBulghur wheatArame cooked in black cherry juice Yummy!!

Backyard Gardening

The other fun thing I did besides pounding poi this weekend (see post just below) was to get all sweaty digging up the yard outside my house. My landlords had a bed of chives that were just suffering with aphids no matter what they did to get rid of them. My friend and I helped […]

Look at this lettuce

romaine lettuceOriginally uploaded by macro808 I’m so in love with this photo. Look how colorful that lettuce is. The people out at Ma’o Organic Farms sure are doing a fantastic job growing the most wonderful organic veges.