Everyone deserves great abundance, energy, health, happiness, and well-being, and one of the easiest ways to bring more of this into your life is through the healing power of whole foods.

Leslie Ashburn has been a passionately dedicated vegan macrobiotic personal chef and cooking teacher for the past 5 years and in the food service business for over 20 years. She cooks for weddings; busy professionals such as artists, lawyers, and doctors; tourists; people dealing with significant illnesses such as cancer; surfers; small groups of people; dinner parties and special events; massage students; families; on boats; the Honolulu community at large through her bi-monthly dinners; healing seminars with the local living treasure Dr. Terry Shintani; and more.

Leslie’s style of cooking, along with her customers, is colorful, diverse, dynamic, creative, and sophisticated.

She can help you eat right in the comfort of your own home, and if you want to be a better cook, she can teach you how. She’ll help you create menu plans, unclutter your kitchen and your life, navigate the health food store, and trouble shoot anything you’re facing as an obstacle to achieving greater health and happiness. You’ll enjoy a variety of foods you probably always wondered how to cook, vibrant local organic produce straight from the farm to your kitchen, as well as the benefits of eating a whole foods diet, including better sleep, stable moods, more energy, improved concentration and mental focus, less PMS, fewer cravings, and the alleviation of many other troublesome physical symptoms.


“Leslie is an amazing person and an amazing chef. Everything she prepares is infused with her passion and her heart, and because of that, her food is created at a level beyond the ordinary, making it truly extraordinary.

In learning from her through classes, as well as eating her delicious food consistently over the years, I have embraced a new consciousness about macrobiotic food. I feel nourished, alive and balanced after one of Leslie’s meals. She is always working with a smile on her face and in her heart and her food takes on that very same quality. I smile after each meal that she prepares for me, as I know it is such a treat for my body, mind and spirit.

In addition, Leslie is conscious, connected, inspiring and confident in who she is which brings forth that very same energy into my life through her food. Anytime I know I can partake of a macrobiotic meal that is prepared by Leslie, I will never miss that opportunity. She is that awesome.” Alice Inoue, Astrologer and Feng Shui Expert

“Four years ago, I made the time for macrobiotics to achieve a better state of health for myself and went on this journey where I met Leslie. I took a few classes from her and learned how the macrobiotic diet can be more than the basic foods that I was exposed to in the ’80s. The food was very tasty and varied. The kabocha salad is one of my all time favorites!! I appreciate Leslie’s variety of recipes as well as her expertise in cooking. She has such a positive energy and always is reliable and dependable in helping me to be healthy eating the macro way. I have had her cook for me at least a couple of times a month and have participated in her twice a month dinners. If you are looking for a healthier lifestyle, then macrobiotics is the way to go and Leslie can help you get there through her cooking. Happy Eating!!!!” AS

“I wanted to let you know I planned a little dinner party for my husband’s birthday celebration last night and all the dishes were very very yummy. The sweet corn soup was very refreshing, the lentil / barley salad (served cold) went very well with the walnut pesto pasta. And, I made the prune cake! Turned out delicious. Thank you so much. I felt like you were right there with me in the kitchen and I was able to take my time and enjoy the shopping, cooking, preparing and dining process. I’ll look forward to your next class. Thank YOU!” AM

see http://www.macrobiotichawaii.bravehost.com/ for more information

Today’s meals


Miso soup with root vegetables
Organic steamed collard greens
Brown rice with hato mugi


Fuji apple


Azuki beans with squash, kombu, and ginger
Brown rice with hato mugi
Pressed salad
Sea palm with tahini sauce


Kabocha salad
Bulghur wheat
Arame cooked in black cherry juice


Backyard Gardening

The other fun thing I did besides pounding poi this weekend (see post just below) was to get all sweaty digging up the yard outside my house. My landlords had a bed of chives that were just suffering with aphids no matter what they did to get rid of them. My friend and I helped them tear everything up. We did what we could to first tear the chives up with picks, and then we got on our hands and knees to pull up all the roots. We took shovels and dug down a few inches to break up the soil which was like compacted clay, finding cute earth worms along the way.

It was very satisfying to pour my compost that I’ve been working on for the past 6 months into this pile of dirt and mix it all up. The pile of dirt went from looking sort of grey and dead to brown and vibrant.

Earlier during the weekend, while I was standing in a drug store in Wai’anae looking for a graduation card with my friend, I suddenly, out of the blue, blurted out “I HAVE WORMS” referring to the worms in my compost bin. The lady standing next to us jumped a mile back and ran away…. Oops…. I guess it was sort of out of context, but I couldn’t help feeling so excited about it!

We have all kinds of plans to plant organic vegetables in there, like daikon, carrots, lacinato kale, lettuce, green onions, radishes and more.

Challenge Yourself

My teachers in Japan constantly were telling all of us, including the students and their staff, to challenge ourselves to grow. I saw them do this with me…. They were initially afraid to teach me in English, but decided to just go for it, even though they felt afraid.

Well, this weekend, I decided to challenge myself in a new way….. I’ve always been afraid of motorcycles, but recently, I’ve had the opportunity to ride on one with a very skilled driver. Despite my initial fear, I loved it!! I loved it so much that I took the nationally certified Basic Motorcyle Training Course.

Before the skills test, I was terrified…. and the only woman in our group…. What if I fell down? What if I couldn’t find the right gear? Etc… etc.. I just told myself that my goal was to learn a new skill and challenge myself in a new way, so if I didn’t pass the test, I still achieved my goal. I passed the test with a 95% score (hooray!), so now I can go to the DMV and get my license, and in the meantime, search for my own motorcycle.

I encourage other people to try to challenge themselves in new ways too. It’s a huge feeling of accomplishment!

Warning label on the macrobiotic package

I’m lucky enough to come into contact with a wide variety of very interesting people by being a macrobiotic personal chef and cooking teacher. I very happily listen to people’s personal stories while I’m in their homes working on menus for their personal conditions (or their family members), and enjoy being a part of their lives at this point in time.

One thing in particular that I’m noticing, and something that I love to see, is how people blossom and grow into themselves including with more physical beauty and this is what I believe comes from a deep inner confidence and self love. People become more radiant and happier and begin glowing from the inside out.

The other thing that people should know is that once that path of health is embarked upon, any bad relationship(s) will die, while any good relationship(s) will flourish. I’m currently witnessing several examples of metamorphosis and wish to cheer these people on.

For anyone reading out there, have you experienced or witnessed this too? Comments are always welcome.

Have a beautiful day!

A day’s worth of meals… (100% organic, hooray!)

Breakfast = quinoa and amaranth with walnuts, and locally grown lacinato kale from Ma’o Organic Farm (www.maoorganicfarms.com),

Lunch = brown rice with azuki beans, arame with broccoli, kiriboshi daikon with onion, carrots, and shiitake, and organic natto

Snack = a juicy organic Valencia orange and a fleshy sweet organic aprium (part apricot, part plum!)

Dinner = cous cous with dried apricots (obviously needing some vitamin c today), ginger, and pinenuts, steamed golden beets, and organic asparagus. I meant to enjoy with lentils, but they were not ready in time…so they are part of today’s lunch instead!

Questions for Self Study

In February, I did a seminar called “Ignite Your Life” with Susan Marque from LA. Here is one small part of the 3-day seminar. I have these questions printed out and up on my refrigerator to keep me self reflective and tuned into what’s going on in my inner world. I hope someone else may also get something out of them.


What personal change could you make that would spill over into other areas of your life?

How would you tackle your horizons if you finally tackled your fear of XXXXXX?

What positive changes would you experience if you stopped XXXXXX for good?

If you decided to follow your soul (vs. your head) to build a better life starting now, what would you do?

What change does your inner voice keep advocating?

Sometimes, what we stop doing has the most dramatic impact on our emotions and physical health. What are you ready to give up or stop doing? What can you finally let go of?

What are the challenges you may face?

What are the strategies to overcome these challenges?

What is your desired outcome and by what date?

What is the immediate action you could take in the next 48 hours?

What values will this help you accomplish?