David Beckham and Macrobiotics

What do these two things have to do with each other?! Maybe nothing. In fact, interrupting the regularly scheduled programing to announce that he’s been here in Honolulu. We’ve barely just gotten over seeing Sting, and now we have David?! Life is rough in paradise. (If anyone can relate DB to macrobiotics, please comment!) Don’t […]

Local Seasonal Fruit

mao.farm080201 Originally uploaded by macro808 These tangerines have been growing here in Hawaii lately and are wonderful as a snack, dessert, or juiced. There is nothing wrong with eating fruit. Just make sure that you stay in touch with how much you’re eating and how you feel when you eat it. If you ‘re cold, […]

Eat More Kale

mao.farm080213 Originally uploaded by macro808 Wouldn’t the world be a better place if only we enjoyed such delicious life giving lacinato kale as this?!

Local Organic Farm 2

Local Organic Farm Originally uploaded by macro808 Here’s another photo on a different day. It just blows my mind how beautiful it is, and believe me, you can feel this energy when you eat it picked fresh that day. This is a field of lacinato kale. Yummy! Eat more kale!

Local Organic Farm

Local Organic Farm Originally uploaded by macro808 For our Vegan Macro Community Dinner, we serve greens from this local farm. Look how it’s vibrating with energy! You take in that energy when you eat these luscious greens.

Verne Varona’s Top Ten Sugar Craving Strategies

The following could be individual or collective reasons for sugar cravings. Read each suggestion and notice how it applies to your eating or lifestyle. Reducing your desire or addiction for sugar should not require Herculean will power. Becoming conscious of the physiological and lifestyle factors that stimulate sugar cravings should make taming your sweet tooth […]

Naturally Sweet Holidays

Healthy alternatives to refined sugar abound. Several natural sweeteners even add some nutrients. Maple syrup contains calcium and potassium, while blackstrap molasses offers calcium and iron, for example. Found in natural products stores, grain-based liquid sweeteners, including amasake from rice, rice syrup, barley malt, and sorghum syrup contain some of the nutrients found in whole […]

Improving Allergies with a Macrobiotic Diet

When we fill our bodies with toxins and extreme foods, our bodies are unable to detoxify. Suddenly, our body becomes imbalanced and unable to ward off disease. When a person becomes ill, it means some imbalance can be found in the body. Our bodies can only stand so much before they break down. When we […]

tempeh crab cakes

tempeh crab cakes Originally uploaded by macro808 The new cookbook from Eric and Sanae (Love, Eric and Sanae) has some really yummy looking food in it, so this was an additional recipe that I experimented with over the weekend. The topping is a sundried tomato and basil aioli sauce. I put my hijiki dish over […]