cinnamon rolls

cinnamon rolls Originally uploaded by macro808 So the raisins I had sitting on my counter fermented into this bubbly stuff. Very fascinating to watch!! I kneaded the dough and let it rise overnight, but it may have needed a warmer spot so that it could have risen a bit more. I also forgot to add […]

Trying some fermentation

When I went to the KI this summer, I finally purchased this great book about fermenting (Wild Fermentation I think it’s called) that everyone raves about, with recipes for things like honey wine, kimchee, amazake, and much more. I also received this amazing book called Macrobiotic Breads and Sweets as a gift from a Japanese […]

plum perfect

plum perfect Originally uploaded by macro808 I was messing around with new recipes and this was the result. I spiced it with cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. YUMMY! It was delicious for breakfast.

Butterflies on the echinacea

ButterfliesOriginally uploaded by macro808 When I was looking at all the flowers on the Kushi Institute grounds, I was amazed to see the butterflies on the echinacea. Sometimes, nature just grabs you and doesn’t let you go, holding you in her mystery. I love that feeling of wonder and how such simple pleasures tug on […]

Flowers at the KI

Flowers at the KI Originally uploaded by macro808 When you arrive at the grounds of the Kushi Institute, you see all the summer flowers in bloom. Living in Hawaii, we don’t get to see all these varieties, and it made me feel nostalgic for growing up in Idaho.

Lunch at the KI

Lunch at the KI Originally uploaded by macro808 Before I left the KI for the Summer Conference, I managed to take a photo of one of the meals that was very yummy. This was a white bean salad, nishime kabocha squash, brown rice onigiri, greens, and some fantastic pickles. Their home made pickles there totally […]

Breakfast with Sanae

On this final morning before heading off to get ready for the summer conference, I had a wonderfully simple and satisfying breakfast of brown rice and quinoa hot cereal, greens, apple sauce and miso soup. I shared the table with Sanae (of the incredible cookbooks Love, Eric and Love, Eric and Sanae) and heard about […]

Greetings from the Kushi Institute

I have been up at the KI now for a few days enjoying a little bit of R and R before the summer conference begins. I’m getting lots of rest, eating 3 gorgeous meals a day, going for walks through the forested roads, taking in the fresh mtn air, and trying to do yoga when […]


Samosas Originally uploaded by macro808 Garbanzo bean, potato, and vegetable samosas with tofu raita and mint cilantro chutney.