Lunch at the KI

Lunch at the KI Originally uploaded by macro808 Before I left the KI for the Summer Conference, I managed to take a photo of one of the meals that was very yummy. This was a white bean salad, nishime kabocha squash, brown rice onigiri, greens, and some fantastic pickles. Their home made pickles there totally […]

Breakfast with Sanae

On this final morning before heading off to get ready for the summer conference, I had a wonderfully simple and satisfying breakfast of brown rice and quinoa hot cereal, greens, apple sauce and miso soup. I shared the table with Sanae (of the incredible cookbooks Love, Eric and Love, Eric and Sanae) and heard about […]

Greetings from the Kushi Institute

I have been up at the KI now for a few days enjoying a little bit of R and R before the summer conference begins. I’m getting lots of rest, eating 3 gorgeous meals a day, going for walks through the forested roads, taking in the fresh mtn air, and trying to do yoga when […]


Samosas Originally uploaded by macro808 Garbanzo bean, potato, and vegetable samosas with tofu raita and mint cilantro chutney.

Bharadvajasana 1

YOGA Originally uploaded by macro808 Yoga students Sarah Myhre, left, and Leslie Ashburn show Bharadvajasana 1, Stage 1. (Pose Dedicated to a Sage) » This sitting twist relieves lower back pain and increases the spine’s suppleness. Regular practice helps tone the kidneys and increases the range of movement in the shoulders. Here, we present the […]

Fertility and Diet

Low-Fat Dairy Products Linked to Increased Infertility Risk A new study found low-fat dairy product consumption is linked to an increased risk of infertility. A total of 18,555 premenopausal women from the Nurses’ Health Study II who attempted apregnancy or became pregnant between 1991 and 1999 were evaluated for the association between dairy products and […]

Benefits of Sea Vegetables

Sea vegetables are virtually fat-free, low calorie and one of the richest sources of minerals in the vegetable kingdom as they have ready access to the abundance of minerals found in the ocean. Sea water and human blood contain many of the same minerals in very similar concentrations. Sea vegetables contain high amounts of calcium […]

yoga weekend

P6150061.jpg Originally uploaded by macro808 spent this past weekend doing a yoga workshop at Manoa Yoga taught by John Leebold from Australia. It was really fun, and I’m a bit sore! Good challenge.