Rise and Shine

The starting point for your healthier lifestyle can be your breakfast. Your brain and body need healthy fuel to function efficiently. Eating a healthy breakfast has many benefits, such as increased energy and concentration. Naturally, as the sun rises in the morning, so do you. Eating foods that contribute to that fresh, uplifting, energized time […]

Yoga Journal’s Daily Insight

I thought this was interesting. Don’t know if it’s true or not. Cured with Candy Tutankhamen was buried with it to guard him from evil spirits in the underworld. Greek and Roman legionnaires chewed it to quench their thirst as they marched through the desert. Even the Kama Sutra recommended drinking it with milk and […]

Tumors Use ‘Hijacking’ Trick to Evade Attack by Immune Cells

The following release about gene activity pattern discovery was sent to reporters under embargo on Wednesday. The embargo lifted today: Department of Health and Human ServicesNational Institutes of HealthNational Cancer Institute CONTACT:NCI Media Relations Branch(301) Monday, August 14, 20065 pm EDT Tumors Use ‘Hijacking’ Trick to Evade Attack by Immune Cells Researchers have identified […]

Dessert! Yum!

cous cous cake, green tea mousse, strawberry parfait Originally uploaded by macro808. This picture shows a cous cous cake with a blueberry topping, a green tea mousse with an azuki bean topping and mochi dumplings, and a strawberry parfait with tofu whipped cream.

Recent meals

Tempeh stew, lentil loaf with sesame gravy, spinach ohitashi Originally uploaded by macro808. Here are some of the things I’ve cooked lately: red lentil loaf with sesame gravy, tempeh stew, and spinach ohitashi

Leslie at the Kushi Institute in Becket

Leslie at the Kushi Institute in Becket Originally uploaded by macro808. This was my first ever trip to the KI. I was super exhausted after a week of working 12 to 17 hour days non-stop as the KI Summer Conference Cooking Class Team Leader. The reason for going up was to help put away the […]

A message from the KI Summer Conference

“Macrobios Global” spoken by Michio Kushi on 7/29/2006 at the Kushi Institute Summer Conference Michio’s Goals 1) Health recovery in the next 2 years. His ascending colon was 98% blocked which caused a water control problem for him. Since they removed part of the upward colon, where it was attached to his small intestine and […]

Leslie, Mie, and Reni

Leslie, Mie, and Reni Originally uploaded by macro808. Reni and I got to see our respected teachers Mie and Hiroyuki Naka at the KI Summer Conference. Here’s beautiful and talented Mie. Does she look about 16 years old? She’s 43!

Reni, Leslie, Paige

Reni, Leslie, Paige Originally uploaded by macro808. I’m so lucky to have two such wonderful macrobiotic friends. Thanks, Reni, for coming to visit, and thanks, Paige, for all the time we worked together!

Cooking Class Team

Cooking Class Team Originally uploaded by macro808. Paige (left) and I (right) co-managed a team of 8 cooking class volunteers. These were a few of our great team members, Kevin, Ceri, Barbara, and Anita. They helped us a lot doing a really demanding job.