Quinoa, cranberry, and pecan pilaf

Quinoa, cranberry, and pecan pilaf Originally uploaded by macro808. I LOVE quinoa. How did life get so far along without knowing about this? I tried it for the first time about 3 years ago. It’s becoming more popular these days, and I often read about this being a good grain for people who want to […]

Tempeh curry

Tempeh curry Originally uploaded by macro808. I’ve been looking for macro things to make for non-macro people and this was one of the yummy ones. It’s great with brown rice.

Azuki Bean Face Lift

Oriental Skin Polishing Pore Refresher Macrobiotics Today by Ilanit Tof Ingredients ✓ ¼ – ½ cup raw adzuki beans ✓ 1 clean strong coffee bean grinder Procedure ❦ Grind 1- 2 tablespoons of raw adzuki beans at a time ❦ If the grinder has a pulse mechanism you may like to use this ❦ Wait […]

Emotions in and out of balance

Healthy conditions of the liver and gallbladder are connected with patience and endurance, while unhealthy conditions produce short temper and anger Healthy conditions of the heart and small intestine are connected with gentleness, tranquility, intuitive comprehension, spiritual oneness, and merry, humorous expression, while unhealthy conditions produce separateness excitement, and excessive laughter Healthy conditions of the […]

Environmental and Health News

CONGRESS BLINDFOLDS CONSUMERS- REMOVING RIGHT TO KNOW WHAT’S IN YOUR FOOD On March 8, despite massive public opposition, including 50,000 calls and letters from supporters of the Organic Consumers Association, the House of Representatives passed the controversial “national food uniformity” labeling law, which would eliminate over 200 state food safety labeling laws. The law basically […]

Emoto Party

Emoto Party Originally uploaded by macro808. Here are many of the people who attended the party the night that I got to meet Dr. Emoto. They are all invested in alternative health, healing, and spreading love and aloha in their own ways.

Leslie and Dr. Emoto

Leslie and Dr. Emoto Originally uploaded by macro808. I was so blessed to be able to meet Dr. Emoto when he was in Honolulu. We enjoyed a wonderful party at Dr. Sandra Rose Michael’s house (check out her Energy Enhancement System based on scalar waves on the web) filled with healers from all over Hawaii, […]

Macrobiotic Cooking for Relationships and Sex

The energies of earth’s force (yin) and heaven’s force (yang) naturally seek balance. When couples make love, they find oneness and balance. The degree or quality of each determines attraction, love, repulsion, or dislike. Learn about what foods create a smooth flow of energy through the body and contribute to healthy and vital partners creating […]

Veg News about American “choice”

From Jan/Feb Veg News Big Vegan Businessanother reason to avoid processed foods is that many vegan companieshave been bought out by mega corporations that have less thanstellar reputations. Here are a few examples that might surpriseyou: Lightlife:owned by ConAgra who is one of the nations top beef producers. In2002, the company recalled almost 19 million […]

Macrobiotic Guilt-Free Dessert Class in Honolulu

Jan 21st, 2006 Guilt-Free Desserts When we eat a good diet, we take the frontline to prevent disease, improve vitality, enjoy deeper sleep, support a healthy weight, and enable our brain to function smoothly. In short, we have a deep sense of well-being. Americans are reported to eat up to 20 teaspoons of sugar every […]