My dear friend

P7290210 Originally uploaded by macro808. My long-time friend, Reni, came all the way from Japan to Poultney, VT for our conference. It was so great to be in her aura again. I love her so much! When life gets rough, and people look at me like a counter culture weirdo, I can count on her […]

Paige and Sean

P7310237 Originally uploaded by macro808. While at the conference, I got to meet Paige and Sean. They were such COOL people and made the conference an amazing experience for me.

My teachers

P7310236 Originally uploaded by macro808. At the Kushi Summer Conference, I got to see my amazing, generous, beautiful teachers, Hiroyuki and Mie Naka. They are coming to Hawaii in January to teach us all macrobiotics and give consultations.

Zen Retreat Leader

P7310233 Originally uploaded by macro808. When I was in Japan, I met Danjou-san, the amazing and incredible monk who tends Saijouji temple near Hiroshima, Japan. He came to the American Macrobiotic Summer Conference and he blew me away. This man is magical and talented. He played guitar with the band, chanted for all, danced to […]

The cooks in the kitchen

P7300216 Originally uploaded by macro808. Kathy, in her petite and powerful glory, was the cooking class coordinator, and I was one of her assistants. We worked sooo hard, and we all did a great job. There were several other volunteers who made the experience very memorable for me. Hope to see everyone next year.

Summer Conference 2005

I just got back on Sunday,July 31st, from the 21st Annual Kushi Summer Macrobiotic Conference. My flight landed in Albany, and my wonderful friend Julie picked me up and took me back to her house where we hung out for a couple of days. It was so great seeing her, spending time on her property, […]

A typical macrobiotic day

I finally got down to reading this wonderful book. I learned a lot from it, and discovered new recipes to try out too. Thanks Jessica! I especially enjoyed the following, from page 170. A Typical Macrobiotic DayFrom the Hip Chicks Guide to Macrobiotics by Jessica Porter Wake up with the sun.Feel sublime.Be thankful for every […]

Macrobiotic Pregnancy and morning sickness

It seems like all my female friends and family are preganant. That is so thrilling for them. I can’t wait to see their sweet keikis! My cousin was asking about what to eat on the macrobiotic diet to have a smooth and healthy pregnancy, and another friend was telling me that she has morning sickness. […]

Macrobiotic Pregnancy Recommendations

1. Be happy about having a baby2. Every day, pray for a safe pregnancy and for a happy and healthy baby3. Avoid upsetting or overly stimulating movies, entertainment, or books4. Keep all of your personal relationships smooth and happy5. Wear clothing made from cotton and other natural vegetable fibers6. Keep your home and surroundings clean […]

Succulent BBQ Tempeh Dish

Now that I am back in the US, I get to play with all the yummy ingredients we have here that I couldn’t find or that cost and arm and a leg in Japan. The weather in Hawaii has been scorching, and I can’t help but have that summer feeling….. BBQ just popped into my […]