Why I don’t eat …

Since I am leaving Japan soon, many people have been inviting me for lunch or dinner to enjoy being together before I leave. Recently, a teacher from the English Department invited me over to her home, a rare treat in Japan. Several people from my department know that I have a diet different from their […]

Thoughts on Kaleidoscope and Sugar Blues

I have only been macrobiotic for two years now, so there is a lot for me to read and learn. I go through phases of reading voraciously whatever I can get my hands on and then setting things aside for a while to let it all percolate. Right now, I am just through the beginning […]

Healing Your Kidneys

Speaking of kidneys, my great friend and incredible cook, Reni, who is in Switzerland at the moment is going to cook for a shiatsu workshop. The theme of the shiatsu workshop is “Healing Your Kidneys.” On that note, foods that heal your kidneys are: Miso or tamari soupAzuki or black beansBuckwheat, barley, and oatsPressure cooked […]

Macrobiotic Movies

Could These be Considered Macrobiotic Movies? Can anyone think of more? Star Wars “The Force” bifurcates into Darth Vader’s “Dark Side” while Jedi Knights use the other (unnamed?) aspect. Though seen in terms of “good” and “bad” the two energetic concepts originate from the same source. Jedi Knights trust their feelings and intuition to do […]

What is macrobiotics?

Someone left a comment asking, “What is macrobiotics, anyway?” It is good practice for me to try and answer this question. To me, “macrobiotic” means several things. From my experience, it is a diet, a philosophy, and a lifestyle. (For another point of view, go to Regarding one’s diet, macrobiotics is a whole foods […]


You are the entire universe. You are in all, and all is in you. Sun, moon, and stars revolve within you. Swami Muktananda

Miso Soup for Allison

For one person (from Cooking the Whole Foods Way, by Christina Pirello) 1 cup spring or filtered water 1 1-inch piece of wakame, soaked and diced Several pieces each of a few vegetables (onion, daikon, carrot, cabbage, squash, etc) 1 tsp barley or brown rice miso Green onions, thinly sliced, for garnish Bring water and […]

Carl Jung says…

As to the ultimate things, we can know nothing, and only when we admit this do we return to equilibrium. Carl Jung

A Macrobiotic View of Karma and Fate

On another day of macrobiotic class, we took up the topic of karma and fate. Our teacher asked us, “What is karma?” Like many Western people, I had the view that karma was somewhat like the Christian “do unto others as they do unto you.” If I do a very good deed for someone, then […]