Healthy Cooking: Easier, More Affordable, and More Fun than You Think!

The What Whole foods are unprocessed and unrefined and come to us from as close to the source as possible.  In contrast, processed foods are genetically modified, colored, made by synthetic means, or laden with hormone additives. White flour, sugar, white rice, most cold cereals, crackers, and packaged foods are processed, for example, and even […]

Signs of Hunger & Fullness

The holidays create opportunities to indulge in all types of treats!  If you want to be a mindful eater as well as manage your weight in a healthy way during this season, it’s really important to understand the cues your body is giving you, including true physical hunger and satiety. We tend to overeat when […]

Born This Way

The other day I was with a group of about 12 women and we were discussing body image and self-esteem.  I asked them, “How many of you want to change something about your physical appearance?” They unanimously raised their hands and said they wanted to change things like their eyes, their chins, and their weight […]

Listen to Your Deepest Desires

Going into the last holiday season, I was worried because I wasn’t able to spend it in the way I usually do, and for this reason, thought that  it might be depressing and isolating. Also, my home is too small to have a Christmas tree or to really get into putting up decorations, but I […]

Resist Eating for the Wrong Reasons

I loved this information that was in the November 2012 issue of Whole Living According to Julie M. Simon, author, The Emotional Eater’s Repair Manual Be Aware, Not Obsessed We all enjoy eating, so we all overeat on occasion. The problem arises when we’re turning to food so often that we become overweight or our health suffers. […]

Today’s Inspiration

Today’s Inspiration

Monday wasn’t the best day for me, but my father always says, “Get a good night’s sleep. Things will look different the following day.”  Hearing his voice, I went to bed early and when I got up on Tuesday and went outside, the first thing I saw was my orchid had bloomed in triplicate!  So […]

Benefits of Cooking and Eating at Home

Benefits of Cooking and Eating at Home

The magazine Whole Living reports that when women who are trying to lose weight eat meals they’ve made at home (especially lunch), they drop 5 pounds a year more than women who eat out. Those who eat regular meals every day lost 8 pounds more. (This is probably true for men as well given that […]

Teach Tolerance

Not long ago, I attended the lecture of a well-known author who has long advocated a plant-based diet.  I was really excited to attend, as the topic focused on creating more peace among those who tend to disagree about what makes a healthy diet.  “Right up my alley”, or so I thought.  Two of my […]

Hawaii IRL: Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to be Bland

Hawaii IRL: Healthy Eating Doesn’t Have to be Bland

Recently, I spoke to Melissa Chang of Hawaii IRL and she interviewed me about my most recent cooking series.  Even though this cooking series is now over, you can learn more about me and my teaching philosophy in the interviews! See the video and read the blog at the following links: Hawaii IRL (video) Nonstop […]