This September, I had a chance to go visit my family on the mainland.  Here are a few of the wonderful things I saw:

  • Fall harvest vegetables grown just outside the city.  There are white pumpkins and wing squashes along with other varieties.
  • Food truck rally – I found it fascinating that one of the trucks was painted with the phrase “Recession Dining”.  The food truck culture was huge there!  To my surprise (and joy) there was a truck that had a couple of vegan options, one of which had already sold out.
  • My favorite truck was Native Foods.  The woman who owned it was a young woman with so much love and joy for cooking.  Her passion came through in the flavors.  I nibbled a little bit of the fry bread and tasted some of her french fries.  She made tacos and enchiladas with the fry bread as a shell.
  • The last thing was an amazing new health food store complete with a demo kitchen and community room.  How I wish it were mine!